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bring many incredible movies and compelling characters to our lives each year, so we’re thrilled to help bring them to life and into your home with our Louvolite window blinds. 

Louvolite is excited to be an official licensee of one of the biggest brands in the world to bring you a range of dream come true designs for your home! Baby’s first room can turn into a race track, a galaxy, or princess’s castle. Louvolite with The Walt Disney Company has launched an initial collection of 12 fabric designs that bring fantasy to the dreamers or action for the adventurers. No matter the age there’s a design for every step of their way, even for the big kid in you! These window blinds, with their fantastic blackout properties, are great in bedrooms, family rooms and playrooms too - bringing a touch of magic to every corner of the home. For ultimate light control consider Louvolite’s blockout framing system which is designed to block out light and help you or your little one get a good nights sleep. Brilliant in summer when it’s bedtime!

USE THE REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION WAND CONTROL OPERATION We all know that as children grow their curiosity does too, so all of our window blinds are designed with safety in mind, along with traditional cord tidy chain operation and spring return you can operate your blind at the touch of a button with our innovative motorisation. One Touch motorised blinds can be operated in two ways. The unique wand control operates a single blind while the sleek remote control option allows you to operate a number of blinds at the same time, from anywhere in your room! Timer remote control option available for extra convenience.

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