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New Products are delighted to offer a number of new products which we will be adding to the website over the coming weeks. If you don't see a product on this website please contact us as we will most likely have a supplier that can help.

Allusion Blinds

The unique nature of Allusion Blinds offers total flexibility

over the shading of a living space.

Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds for your home available form Hemel Blinds

Try before you buy with our Shutter Visualisation App


It can sometimes be a challenge helping someone visualise what shutter, or blind is the right fit for the customers room and to match the décor. But with the launch of the Hemel Blinds Visualisation app, that obstacle has well and truly been removed!

Whether you already have an idea how you would like to style your windows or are just wondering what options are out there, our innovative app allows our customers a real-life representation of what the Hemel Blinds range can look like once it’s fitted in your home. Here’s how it all works:


Set the backdrop

Either choosing from a number of room set images already built into the app, or a picture of the customers window–

Choose the Shutter

Pick a shutter from our range, Which material or wood styles are you keen on, and is there a particular colour that you have in mind? Select as many styles are you like to help you compare and make an informed decision.

See the result

The app will then position the chosen products in the window space on screen, allowing our customer to see how it looks against your décor and across your home. You can even change if the products are open or closed, what position the louvres are in – helping you picture what it would be like to wake up to them every day.

Customers can now see our full range of Roller Blind fabrics and Vertical Blind fabric by clicking on the links below

We will off course continue to bring our samples to your property when you book a free consultation.


As practical as they are stylish, DUO™ Roller blinds provide exceptional light control which combines sheer and opaque fabrics in one blind, to create a wonderful eye-catching effect.

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